Principal Engineer
BS Chemical Engineering

SBE/WBE Certified

About Us

Solving your hazardous waste problems thoroughly, rapidly, and affordably. 

Hazardous Waste Compliance Plus provides: 
  • The training and experience you need.  Our consultants have engineering degrees and at least 22 years experience in the field.
  • The focus you need.  We specialize in hazardous waste.  We know the laws thoroughly.  Our experts uncover and solve every problem.  Nothing is ever missed.
  • The guarantee you need.  In business since 1994, none of our clients have ever been fined or cited after following our advice.  We guarantee the same for you.
  • The reports you need.  Totally customized for your business.  Easy to read and apply.                                                                                
  • The pricing you need.  Our specialization and experience allows us to perform with unmatched efficiency.  We pass time-savings on to you with lower fees than environmental companies that try to do everything.

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